Maniac Review: Frodo is a creepy psycho

 Maniac Review: Elijah Wood's biggest mistake

What made me get this movie was the title Maniac. Who wouldn't like a title like that. Besides I saw that Frodo aka Elijah Wood was playing the maniac lead role so I got intrigued. I just wanted to see Frodo go psycho.

Unfortunately maniac didn't live up to my expectations, It’s hard to believe but this Maniac movie was too creepy for me, who would believe that Elijah Wood can perform this insane, weird and most of all creepy serial killer (with substantial mother issues) that kills bunch of hot chicks with his bad ass knife. After he performs the kill he cuts off the girl’s hair and attaches it to his manikins back at home.

The entire movie is shot from a POV angle something that is unique. I haven't seen any other movie that was shot this way. That was the only thing that was interesting because the POV thing was creepy and fun in the beginning but after 10 minutes of that you start to see flows in Maniac and soon they are the only things you see. It didn't take long to start and fast forwarding. When that happens you know that the movie isn't any good and the only thing you eager to is its end.

Elijah Wood as Maniac
Maniac poster

What I don't understand is how Elijah Wood agreed to take part in this doomed from the beginning Maniac movie project. The guy used to be a major part in one of the biggest movie franchises in history - The Lord of the rings franchise. How can Elijah wood fall so low and take part in a career killer like Maniac? beats me. Elijah wood did surprisingly a great job with his character. He looked disturbingly scary but everything else in Maniac was mostly ... You guessed it creepy.

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