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What should I read next is a fair question anyone would ask who has just recently discovered the fantastic pleasure of reading. Books provide unlimited hours of entertainment while also educating at the same time. This is because the authors write about their own experiences as well as what they observe during their journey through life.
Whether we prefer fiction or non-fiction, thrillers, horror, books with sad endings, historical fiction, Westerns, science fiction, romance or a mystery, once we have finished a good book, what should I read next may well be a question that friends or family who read books cannot answer for you. They may not share the same taste in books that you enjoy and then it makes sense to browse the cyber world.

Categories Make Looking for a Book so Easy

You will be blown away by what you can find on the Internet, and part of Goodread's commitment to their readers is to make their site so easy to use. Effortless and convenient, whether you are looking for new book ideas and new authors, whether you are searching  for fact or fiction, advice or entertainment they have an up-to-the-minute directory of the very latest books people are reading.
You can click on any book title and find all the information you need. Apart from the regular information, you can also know exactly how many people have read, rated and reviewed the book and its average rating as well.

Tips and Advice on the Most Popular Books

For people who read a lot , they are always looking out for new content.  Book recommendation websites can certainly provide you with the answer to your 'what should I read next' query and you will be able to find information on specific books groups that interest you. You can even create a profile and view books of what your friends are reading, and  join a discussion group. You can find  groups discussing the book as well as read reviews from heaps of readers.
By becoming a member of a book recommendation site you enjoy so many advantages, and one is having access to millions of books and reviews. With such a massive pool of passionate book lovers, your 'what should I read next' queries will be answers by people who have similar tastes to you.

Some Outstanding Book Choices:

Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah is one of the newest books in 2013, but one of the strongest. It is a good book for teenagers of even young adults. It is a post apocalyptic book teaching children how to over come adversity and learn new things in a world where fire can't be used. Fire is one of the world's most precious technologies and without it life is reduced to before prehistoric times. The book will be sure to hold anyone's attention.

The Truth of Me by award winning author Patricia MacLachlan is a great read for young children between the ages of 6 - 10 years of age. It tells the story of a young boy, Robbie who loves being around his grandmother and listening to her intriguing stories of wild animals and their trust in her. Of course there is a twist in the tale, and young readers can find out what their friends have to say about this delightful book.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a popular  book for teens, telling the story of a shy and socially awkward 15 year old geek and how he navigates through the difficult growing-up years. Many teens battle with peer pressure, and this book appeals to teenagers who are able to compare the lives they are living with the life of a wallflower who also experiences sadness, happiness and jealousy.

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult is a great book to read for teenagers and adults and tells the story of a family caught up with terrible decisions. Anna, by the age of 13 has had to endure heaps of medical operations to help her older sister Kate who is battling with leukemia. Anna makes a massive decision that changes the life of her family forever. Teens and adults will face many questions that they may not be able to answer.

Spending Time with Your Trusted Book Companion

With so many riveting books to read, the question what should I read next will not be a problem to answer. The question is rather how to find the time to read all these truly amazing books, and Goodreads, the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations provides you with all the answers.
    William Yatscoff
    William Yatscoff
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    By William Yatscoff
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