Olympus has Fallen Review: Butler's One Man Army

Olympus has Fallen - Non Stop Action

Few days ago by some sort of a mistake I got my hands on the Olympus has Fallen DVD.  I didn’t have any expectation from the movie. Because I didn’t even know who are the main actors or what exactly was the movie about. I was glad to see Gerard Butler as the bad ass secret service agent, delighted to see Aaron Eckhart as the president but they had to shove Morgan Freeman down our thought as the black acting president as well. Just so that Obama wouldn’t get his feelings hurt. If you didn’t know now days the US has a black president, god forbid that the Hollywood lackeys wouldn’t address the issue with their own analogy.

The Olympus has Fallen movie itself was surprisingly entertaining. That says a lot especially today when most of the action films are made sloppy filled with meaningless dialogs and can't retain the decent balance between the action and everything else. Olympus has Fallen doesn’t fall in that category, it had the right amount of action which was a lot and the few dialogs didn’t hurt the final product too much. 

When a movie keeps you on your toes, you know that the movie is good, that was exactly the case with Olympus has Fallen. The scene with the white house being overtaken by the enemy was breath taking. It was relatively long (in a good way) and well planned. The white house scene managed to preserve the tension and the suspense throughout the entire scene. What was beautiful about it was the fact the moment the viewers sensed “man that was cool there is no way to top that” and then from nowhere the huge trucks with the automatic machine guns appear, clear the field for the Korean terrorists and give them a substantial advantage.

It’s hard to believe that this movie was one of the violent films I have seen this year. It had so many people butchered, whether they were simple civilians, cops, soldiers, politicians, secret service personnel and the Korean terrorists. People got knifed, executed and head shot multiple times but still the atmosphere that Olympus has Fallen portrayed was easy going and the focus shifted from all the head shots to routing for the hero. Mean while we ignored the fact that Butler took out so many guys, in so many different deadly ways without any remorse, regret or any other human emotion. It was all made to look like it was another day on the job.

Gerard Butler was very believable as the one man army platoon who saved the world from well trained group of terrorists. Overall Gerard Butler is very good in this kind of movie roles. Finally we have a New Age Action Movie Star that can replace the old guard in that genre of films. 
I got the feeling that Aaron Eckhart was misused in Olympus has Fallen. From the first boxing scene between Butler and Eckhart I thought that there would be some kind of a payout in the end or at least in the middle of the movie, but nothing of that sort occurred. 90% of the movie Eckhart was tied to a rail, receiving a light beating from time to time. Other than that he didn’t do much in Olympus has Fallen. 

Morgan freeman's Speaker Trumbull character was weak and inconsistent. In his first scene in the movie he portrayed himself as having strong and militant opinions towards North Koreans but when he was in the position of acting president he conducted himself in a very passive manner as if he lost his nerve, made every mistake possible and almost doomed the entire world, thank god he had Gerard Butler in the white house. Maybe they wanted to show that when you are in a power position your take on things changes, or his character wasn’t written well enough.

The only thing I didn’t get (or I missed), was why Forbes (Dylan McDermott) betrayed his country, the entire thing was addressed very vaguely.

Overall the movie was very entertaining and very exciting I would recommend this cool flick to anyone who likes a nonstop action, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

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