Top 10 Action Movie Stars: # 7 Dolf Londgren

Dolf Londgren

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I personally really liked Dolf Londgren films in the late 80's and the beginning of the 90's like: Showdown in Little Tokyo, Universal Soldier, Masters of the Universe.
Unfortunately like most of Dolf’s colleagues in the field of action movies the quality of his movies deteriorated with time and his latest movies were low budget flicks that were difficult to watch. I personally can’t see Dolf Londgren recover and return back to his earlier status in the action genre but we can always hope that I’m wrong.

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  1. Though I was aware of Lundgren, there seemed to be so many other action stars at the time, that he was eclipsed & perhaps, under-rated.

  2. Always liked Dolf especially his late 80's films

  3. I always thought he was certainly better looking & better built than the other actors of the period, except for Schwarzenegger.