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This post is going to be something different than usual. On the 21 of July 2013 there was a car exhibition in Tel Aviv AutoMotor’s - Ravmotor, the main theme of the show was cars from cool movies. Being a huge cars fan and even bigger movie freak I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to miss this exhibition that combined the two. I visited the show and I would like to share a couple of pictures with the most famous cars that ever appeared on the big and small screens alike.

Let's start with David Hasselhoff's Knight Rider original 1982's KITT Pontiac Trans Am

Pontiac Trans Am אוטומוטור תערוכת מכוניות
KITT Pontiac Trans Am
Knight Rider's car cockpit at תערוכת מכוניות 2013
KITT Pontiac Trans Am cockpit view
Nicolas cage's and Angelina Jolie's 1967 Ford Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds

1967 Ford Mustang תערוכת רכב בגני התערוכה
1967 Ford Mustang
Gone in 60 Seconds car picture אוטו מוטור
1967 Ford Mustang rear view
Sylvester Stallone's Cobra
Sylvester Stallone's Cobra picture פורום רכבים
Sylvester Stallone's Cobra picture תמונות רכב
Cobra front view
Daniel Craig's Land Rover Defender from Skyfall
Land Rover Defender from Skyfall מכוניות מהסרטים בישראל
Land Rover Defender
The Rocks International MXT-MVA from Fast & Furious 6
MXT-MVA from Fast & Furious 6 The Rocks Black truck
Nicolas Cage's Ghost Rider Yamaha VMAX bike
Yamaha VMAX bike from Ghost Rider אופנועים תערוכת אוטומוטור
Yamaha VMAX
Pierce Brosnan's BMW Z3 bike from 007's Goldeneye 
BMW Z3 bike from 007's Goldeneye תערוכת אוטומוטור רבמוטור
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Harley-Davidson Fatboy FLSTF bike from T2 aka Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Harley-Davidson Fatboy FLSTF bike from T2 תמונות אוטומוטור 2013
Harley-Davidson Fatboy FLSTF
I will finish up the list with two versions of the Batmobile
The first model appeared in 1989's Batman and 1992's Batman Returns with Michael Keaton

1992's 1989's Batmobile באטמוביל בישראל אוטומוטור
1989's Batmobile
1992's 1989's Batmobile באטמוביל גני תערוכה תל אביב
The Batmobile
While the second model of the Batmobile appeared in Christopher Nolan's recent Batman Trilogy with Christian Bale in the lead role as Batman
Christopher Nolan's Batmobile at AutoMotor Tel Aviv 2013
Christopher Nolan's Batmobile
Christopher Nolan's Batmobile Ravmotor car exhibition 2013
Batmobile Rear view
Batmobile live in Tel Aviv תערוכת אוטומוטור באטמוביל 2013
Christian Bale's Batmobile

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  1. I love the bike from Judgment Day & the latest Batmobile.

  2. i came to see the Batmobiles, both looked great.
    Didnt know that Arnolds bike was going to be there so that was a nice surprise.