Gal Gadot was Cast as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman Movie

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman

We all know that in Man of Steel 2 or how the fans call it Batman Vs. Superman, Ben Affleck is going to play Batman and Henry Cavill will remain Superman but what we don’t know is ... well practically everything else about the film.
As of today it was revealed that Wonder Woman will appear in the film next to the two DC comics heavy weights. Not only was that the only new piece of news, but the actress who was chosen for the part is revealed as well. 

During the past few weeks all kinds of speculations were running around about the female character that will appear next to Batman and Superman. Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Jaimie Alexander (Thor) were thrown in the air as being auditioned for the role in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman Movie but to everyone’s surprise Gal Gadot was chosen to play the Amazon princess. Zach Snyder already confirmed the news.

Gadot is not known as the other two actresses. You may remember her from the Fast and the Furious Franchise appearing in the last 3 movies alongside Vin Deisel and Paul Walker (R.I.P). She appeared in Knight and Day and that pretty much summarizes her entire acting career.

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel, she served 2 years in the IDF (Israeli Army), turned to modeling competing in the Miss Universe pageant before moving to Hollywood and giving acting a shot.
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot (Photo credit: kmorley)
The pick of Gal Gadot is somehow warring. The fact that she is so thin can be problematic for the Wonder Woman character. She needs to start preparing for the film right away getting muscle mass to her body. But her weight and physic are the least of out problems. Who ever watched the Fast and The Furious movies knows that Gal Gadot is new to the acting scenery. She is not as good as you would expect an actress to be given such an important character to play. There is the heavy accent that was somehow hidden in the Fast and the Furious films but here in Batman Vs. Superman movie, it will be a lot more difficult to hide and Snyder needs to think how he can make her adapt so that Wonder Woman’s first cinematic appearance wont flop straight on its face. 

Only time will tell if this was the right choice, and to tell you the truth I worry a lot about this choice but im not as frustrated from it as picking Ben "Freaking" Affleck to be Batman.

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  1. She's pretty but not voluptuous enough to pull off a decent Wonder Woman.

  2. I worry that she is not a good enough actress . she just is not experienced enough. i think she got this big break too soon in her acting career.