Dracula Pilot Review: Dracula & Van Helsing Vs. the World

NBC's Dracula S01E01 Review

dracula Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Dracula NBC - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
The vampire genre received a very strong boost in the last decade with masterpieces like The Blade films, The Underworld Franchise and a horrible one - Twilight (although it had a strong following as well – teenage girls). Meantime on TV True blood was renewed for its 7th season on HBO. It’s a definite proof that people want to see Vampires. That is why NBC didn’t have to think twice before signing Jonathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors to play the lead in this fresh NBC series.

This NBC’s Dracula adaptation is a lot different from what we saw before. We are used to see Dracula as a vicious predator, that won’t stop by anything or anyone from getting his pray or completing his evil master plan – in other words a classic villain. But in this NBC Dracula TV series everything flipped on its head, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula was a completely different character. Dracula is not portrayed as a villain but as a grey character that floats in between good and evil. Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula is vindictive individual that wants to get his revenge against the order that killed his wife centuries ago. The person that helped Dracula come back to life 30 years ago was ... the last person you would think ... Abraham Van Helsing himself. When you see that, the show triggers your interest. How come those two are working together? and that makes you wonder what will be the turning point to spark their legendary conflict.

This Dracula TV series has a lot of potential but from the first episode you could see that there are a lot of as well . There are a lot of misplaced scenes that tend to do nothing for the show and the only reason that they are there is showcasing cheap heat, showing hot chicks with large cleavages and make us listen to boring dialogs with characters that don’t seemed to look important. No doubt that NBC's Dracula needs some work but from a first glance (Pilot) its worth checking out.

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  1. I will check out ONE episode. I hated (definitely not a fan) Meyers depiction of Henry VIII, though it was an expensive series that brought Henry Cavill (the latest & best Superman) to the forefront.
    Other than that, I do avoid every other vampire thing, except True Blood, which is a comedy with vampirism being part of its infrastructure.

  2. I agree that at times Meyers made the Tudors a bit stale, unfortunately he brings it to Dracula as well in smaller doses but like you mentioned Tudors had its up sides and Dracula does look like it has a potential to improve.