Battle of the Damned Movie Review: Dolph's Latest Failure

Did Dolph Lundgren's Career hit Rock Bottom?

Seeing Dolph Lundgren in a zombie flick is something new I have not seen before, I didn't imagine Dolph the old school action star to take part in this Battle of the Damned 2013 zombie film. The movie itself started surprisingly tolerable but short after the opener it was so clear that this B movie would be very difficult to finish watching.

The plot of the Battle of the Damned is about a mercenary called Max (Dolph Lundgren) who was hired by a certain rich dude to rescue his daughter from an infected city filled with zombies. During the rescue mission that obviously goes wrong in every possible way Max loses his entire team but decides to continue on and finish the mission. After Max does find Jude she isn’t that egered to go without her 5 friends who are apparently are the only survivors in the infected city. Things change after Jude discovers that she is pregnant, and the happy bunch is forced to make a run from the city.

I really like Dolph and the movies he used to make in the past but this cheap zombie trash cannot be called even a bad movie, it’s a lot worse than that. The plot was pretty much the same like it is in all Zombie movies but movies in this Zombie genre differentiate themselves from Good Movies and Bad Movies in their quality. The execution of the events and the direction its producers / directors choose to work with, quality of the acting cast and the movies budget.

From first glance any one would notice that Battle of the Damned budget was very limited. The acting cast of Battle of the Damned was not something to brag about either, all of the actors had a horrible performance in the movie. That is the reason most of them are unknown, and won’t be known to anyone in the future if they stick to acting.

One of the major "WTF did that come from" moments was the thing with the robots, apparently they walked from Japan got broken midway, fixed themselves and for some reason they obey Max ... and they like killing Zombies. I bet you probably think to yourself WTF ...  well me too. Although this new angle Robots Vs. Zombies is somehow new and fresh, the entire introduction of the robots and the execution of their scenes was made in the worst way possible, I don’t think you can fail more than Battle of the Damned writers failed with the robots angle.

Dolph himself was not what he used to be, at least according to this movie. Dolph moved a lot slower and the action sequences he took part in were not very special. I don’t know if it was because Dolph’s age limitations or was it the visionless fight choreographer who are to blame here. How many times can you perform a simple karate front kick in one movie? I don’t mind seeing it once or twice but not in every fight scene all the time, come on guys I’m sure you could do better than that.

Battle of the damned is not something I would recommend to ... Anyone. It’s not a cool movie. Battle of the Damned is one of the worst movies I saw this year, I bet I will see many more like it. I guess I just can't stay away from my favorite old school action heroes but what I can do is warn other people and spare them the waste of time that is called Battle of the Damned.

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  1. I'll be avoiding this movie! Poor Dolph. He should have gotten another agent long ago.

  2. I doubt if a new agent could help him

  3. who the hell is the producer of this movie, crappy movie with BAD script.
    even someof the actors are bad, but i think this is something to do with the script and not them.

  4. The Script was written and produced by Christopher Hatton.
    Ehud Bleiberg and Leon Tong helped in production as well.

    You are probably right. With all the bad things in this movie its hard to figure out who caries most of the blame but the writers and producers are majorly responsible for this failure