The Walking Dead season 3 Review: Why is TWD so awesome

The Walking Dead Review

Season 3

I don't know about you guys but I always loved the zombie genre. 
The Walking Dead (season 2)
The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I started watching AMC's The Walking Dead season 1 deep inside I knew it was a fantasy but it gave me this weird feeling as if this is real, maybe it was the way this show was shot or something else that I can’t explain. What I do know, the production made The Walking Dead look and feel very real.

When I watch The Walking Dead I disconnect from the real world and move into this apocalyptic environment that is portrayed in this AMC show. Maybe it’s the fact that the characters in the story are forced to kill huge masses of people (zombies) without feeling regret or remorse about it (after all they are trying to survive) Carl is a perfect example. This Walking Dead atmosphere forces people release this dark and hidden desire that they have to go appshit crazy.
The state of anarchy that The Walking Dead portrays, exposes all humanity’s Strengths and weaknesses. In The Walking Dead season 3 those dark desires are strongly emphasized in the environment of the so called peaceful community that The Governor runs. On the surface it looks peaceful and calm and Andrea buys into it because she wants to believe that she finally reached her safe heaven. Michone on the other hand sees the cracks in the "perfect" community from the get go.

After we checked on Andrea the rest of the Walking Dead Characters are on the run for a while now and they settle down on an abandoned prison. Where (Spoiler Alert) two of the original characters die (in one episode) and 3rd original character is thought to be dead as well. On the bright side a new person is born.

Back to Andrea, I forgot to mention this before but surprise, surprise Merle is alive and he is meaner than ever. Somehow The Governor succeeded to do something no one else could; he put Merle to use as a part of a group. A sick and a really screwed up group (that explains his Integration) but I guess Merle found his place in the world (at least that’s what Merle thinks).

When Merle encounters Glen and Maggie he brings them back to the Governor for interrogation and eventually tries to get rid of them, Rick and the rest of the gang intervene and rescue the two. That doesn't sit well with the Governor (who lost one of his eyes in the confrontation) and it looks like there is going to be a war between the two sides.

It was strange watching Rick loose it every time there was a small break from the chaos that is going on in this TWD world. It seems that the only thing that can snap Rick out from the loony land he is in is a death threatening situation like the Governor making his move against the prison. 

Initially I didn’t really get where did Tyreese and his friends come from? And after Rick showed up where did they disappear to? but as this season kept on developing it was interesting to see them merge in Woodbury and manage to mingle with the Governor.

What ever happened with Merle at the end was predictable. Merle's Walking Dead character was very limited in what could be done with it. That is why I wasn’t surprised from what happened in episode 15. On the other hand what happened to Andrea surprised me a lot. I didn’t expect the following events to happen. This Walking Dead season 3 ended with a lot of unanswered questions.
  1. Where is the Governor? 
  2. What will happen with Woodbury's remaining population and how will they fit in The Walking Dead season 4?
  3. What's up with Carl?

The walking Dead Season 3 summery

Season 3 of The Walking Dead started strong and managed to hold on the suspense for the first 8 episodes. The viewers took everything The Walking Dead season 3 had to offer and couldn’t wait for more. The second part of the season started intensely as well but somewhere down the road the the tension dropped and only the last two episodes of season 3 delivered some of the desired finale. The Walking Dead is a cool show and its season 3 was awesome like the previous 2 if not more. I personally cannot wait until October for The Walking Dead season 4, I guess I will have to manage somehow.

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