How bad was The Speed of Thought - Movie Review

 The Speed of Thought Movie 2011 Review

Initially when I first encountered The Speed of Thought (2011) I thought it’s going to be a cheaper replicon of X-Men or some kind of a Xavier back story copy. I saw that Nick Stahl was playing the lead in The Speed of Thought. To tell you the truth I never heard or cared much for the guy until and after I saw him in Terminator 3 rise of the machines. So I saw a familiar face, got the DVD and decided to check it out, how bad it can be? After watching the movie and now writing this The Speed of Thought review I can state it was bad. How bad you ask? Keep reading and you will find out

The main plot of the The Speed of Thought movie is: There are people who can read your mind and control your actions. They are called Scopers. Scopers pay a high price for having their abilities, they don’t reach 30. Most of the Scopers are gathered by Sandy (yea I know great name for a dude), they are taught how to use their powers and are used by the NSA for jobs that no other agent can do.

One of the major problems (there were many) that bothered me personally was nobody said what horrible jobs the Scopers did. The only thing I saw on the screen was, Joshua (Nick Stahl) cheating some dude in cards repeatedly. What makes me ask the question why that dude treated Joshua as a friend and kept on playing with him? And if we are on that subject why Anna didn’t worn her father that he was being played by the NSA. She hated her old man so much that she didn’t want to warn him. They didn't imply that during the movie. I guess they just wanted Joshua and Anna to hook up, no matter that the entire series of events surrounded them was logically incompatible.

And why does everybody in Uruguay eat in the same restaurant all the time. Those NSA agents really suck at their job. Even a blind man can see that something was not really going right with Joshua and Anna (restaurant meetings, New York).

I really don't get why they had to mention that Joshua had Jewish origins, just to imply that all Russian Jews that live in New York have ties to the organized crime. No doubt I didnt had to see that scene.

The Speed of Thought is one of the slow paced movies I had ever seen, when I say slow paced in The Speed of Thought case it was a turtle slow motion pace. It had the worst supporting cast I had seen (mostly Kira but she wasn't alone) in a while now. The plot could not have been that bad, The X-Men movies made a fortune with the same idea but the execution of The Speed of Thought was one of the poorest I had ever seen. The scenes where the Scopers entering other people’s minds where visually good but the never ending silence repulsed me and completely ruined the scenes for me, because there were so many scenes like that it got on my nerves constantly. The final confrontation between Joshua and Sandy could be seen a mile away. The moment I saw Sandy I knew he was the bad guy, what made the entire build up from the beginning to the end meaningless.

2013 just started and The Speed of Thought from 2011 is the worst movie I saw this year (it will be hard to beat). I never thought that when initially I start with very low expectations from a movie I can be so unpleasantly surprised and lower the bar beneath the level I expected it to be prior watching the movie.The Speed of Thought is definitely not a cool movie you should stay away from this waste of time, but if you are a major Nick Stahl or Mía Maestro fans and you still want to take a chance than go ahead. The link to The Speed of Thought Amazon DVD is bellow and you can buy it if you wish.

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