The Covenant Review

The Covenant Review

The Covenant movie was like every other urban legend movie that was made before. It had its mystic creature’s (in this case male witches). There was the hot damsel in distress (Laura Ramsey), and it had the lost mystic group member that went stray, now he returned to make trouble.

The Covenant (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Like every other teenage movie it had a lot of pretty boys and girls … actually there were only 1.5 hot girls (the blond was a looker while the other one was nothing special). 

Those boys and girls supposed to be college students but all they do is party all night, swim in their college team, use their powers to show off, fight between themselves and try to stay awake during their classes. That is strange, from what I remember of my college years I had to work really hard and I didn’t had a spare minute to waste. I guess the boys and girls from The Covenant are gifted and everything comes easy for them.

The acting from most of the participants was …OK, the Covenant's cast has nothing to brag about, their performance was tolerable.
Cover of "The Covenant"
Cover of The Covenant

The action and special effects were below average. The guys through invisible balls that supposedly blew up and caused fires, they could do so much better than that. Is it so hard to create a fire ball in CGI or make them through huge stones. Everything is better than an invisible ball of jellyfish they used all the time.

Although the special effects sucked in the Covenant, the visual scenes and the way the movie was shot was very well done. Renny Harlin managed to bring classic Europe to The Covenant. The castles with the beautiful landscapes made the viewing experience better than expected.

Overall this movie was average. I didn’t follow most of the plot because when i was watching the movie i was exhausted from a long day at work, i was on neutral smeared on my chair. The only reason that the covenant can be considered as a cool movie is the fact that I wasn’t my 100% watching it. If you are really tired (like i was) or really drunk like i wished to be, you will enjoy the Covenant.

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