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Red Dawn Review

English: Flag from Red Dawn 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In Red Dawn 2012 remake we can find Chris Hemsworth (Thor) who plays Jed Eckert, a returning soldier that came home for a first visit in 6 years just in time for the North Koreans and the Russians to take over the US.

After a short introduction of the main characters we are immediately swept by the North Korean invasion. Jed takes his annoying Brother Matt and few others with a clear purpose to head to the woods. After Jed's and Matt's father gets killed by Captain Cho (Will Yun Lee) the group decides to fight the entire North Korean army, guerrilla warfare stile.

Red Dawn plot was average. I saw movies a lot worse than this Red Dawn 2012 remake. The introduction of the characters was quick and on point. Dan Bradley (director) didn't waste time on useless cheesy chit chat; he went straight to the point. The issue of North Korea invading the US is hard to take but I rolled with the idea just to see where it brings me. The credits at the beginning of the movie gave us some explanation to the invasion. 

The fact that the Wolverines became trained guerrilla fighters in a week was slightly harder to accept but I managed to overlook that fact as well. The briefcase that allowed the North Korean forces to communicate while the US was in the dark was not strongly emphasized and that was a very good thing. If the writers would have elaborated more about the briefcase, only bad things would have happened. The North Koreans have this mysterious briefcase that allows one power source to work, while blocking the other when both power sources are the same sounds weak to me. That is why I'm glad they didn't share too much information about it.

Spoiler Alert
The Death of Jed surprised me. I didn't see this twist coming. It’s not common for a Hollywood movie to kill its own hero in the end. The fact that the move surprised me cannot be a bad move, unfortunately that left Matt as the leader of the Wolverines. And that just sucked, I hated Matt’s character he was getting on my nerves from the beginning of the movie (Football match). When he dropped everything to save his girlfriend (who was perfectly safe at the time in that bus). Matt almost killed the entire Wolverines underground and that was the final straw. I know that it was part his characters growth but I didn't accept it, this guy was annoying and was getting on my nerves non stop. 

This Red dawn 2012 version is not the first I saw. Couple of years ago I saw an Australian movie called Tomorrow when the war began, it had an identical concept like Red dawn 2012 had and from what I heard both Red dawn 2012 and Tomorrow when the war began are copies of Red dawn from 1984 with Patrick Swayze. I cannot comment on the 1984 Red dawn version because I didn’t see it but I can say that I liked both Red dawn 2012 and Tomorrow when the war began, while Tomorrow when the war began is slightly better than its American 2012 Red dawn version.

Before watching the movie I read a few reviews and the rank it got on Rotten Tomatoes surprised me because from what I remembered from Red Dawn trailer it wasn't that terrible. Now after watching Red Dawn 2012 version, I enjoyed it a lot. From what I saw Red Dawn didn't deserve the hate it got. I agree it wasn't perfect but it wasn't horrible. Overall it’s a cool movie that everyone who enjoys action movies should watch. If you haven't seen Red Dawn yet there are Amazon links for buying Red Dawn Blu-ray DVD below.

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