The Package Movie Review

The Package Movie Review

The only reason I put myself to the torture of watching The Package 2012 movie was Dolph Lundgren. I guess I cannot let go on my favorite old aged action stars from two decades ago. I keep on doing the same mistake over and over again. With The Package it was even worse than usual because Dolph Lundgren wasn't the main star of the movie, Steve Austin was.

Steve Austin acting skills

Steve Austin slightly improved in this acting business but he still cannot portray pain, anger or fake his facial impressions. 
When he is getting beat up and he is on the receiving end of some major whoopass. He acts like a superman and even taunts his opponents (WWE old habits are hard to lose). That is all great if you want to make Steve Austin a superman but this is no superman movie and not even a WWE ring. You need some sort of a balance. Make Steve Austin vulnerable and have some flaus who can get significantly hurt and not slightly scratched or when he is hurt he takes care of his wounds like its a walk in the park.

Problems The Package had

Now if we focus on the plot of The Package. It was made to look complicated but was seen as scattered. There were too many variables in play. 

  1. There was the S.W.A.T team of mercenaries.
  2. The guy that hired the mercenaries - Anthony (what was his purpose?).
  3. Carl - Anthony's sidekick. 
  4. Daug - who owned Tommy.
All those characters made a huge and unnecessary mess. One of the major holes in the plot was that most of those guys chased Tommy (Steve Austin) and the package he possessed without any clue what’s in the package, how dumb is that. You know what, let’s play dumb like the writers of the movie want us to be, (Spoiler alert) all those guys try to kill Steve Austin the entire movie but the German (Dolph Lundgren) needs Tommy alive for his rare type of blood to cure himself. Why does the German stay on the sidelines regarding Tommy's fate but finds the time to have fun killing all kind of unimportant dudes

Why was Luis left to live? He was the reason for all this mess from the beginning. Tommy's ultimate payoff would be taking that worm out at the end of the movie but Tommy wasn't aware of Luis's involvement and it stayed like that in the end. Where is the logic in that ? It felt like everybody forgot about Luis ... except me.

One of the things that bothered me in The Package was the classical music that they put everywhere … and I mean everywhere. I don’t have a problem with classical music, I even like it in some variations but that didn't fit any of the scenes it was played at. It was the same music during the fight scenes, the torture and the shootouts. It ruined those scenes completely.

There was a lot of automatic weapons use but they were all consistently out of bullets, both sides at the same time. I understand that the director wanted to plant hand to hand fight scenes but come on you can be less obvious. 

The Package is not a horrible movie (I have seen worse) but there is nothing special about The Package neither. Like you probably guessed from this movie review I personally cannot call The Package a cool movie but die hard Dolph Lundgren fans or Steve Austin WWE followers will probably find a way to enjoy it. If you stumbled upon this post of The Package review. You are probably a fan of Dolph Lundgren or Steve Austin. If you want to see this movie. I have a solution for your problem. You can buy The Package DVD by clicking the Amazon link bellow. 

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