Old mens club - Stand up guys Review

Stand Up Guys Review

When I got the Stand up guys DVD I didn’t know what exactly to expect. I knew that Al Pacino and Christopher Walken play the lead parts in this criminal comedy / drama.  I suspected that Pacino and Walken still make movies but I haven’t seen any of their latest work. Stand up guys was my opportunity to check on the two old men and see how they are doing.

Initially half an hour after I started watching the Stand up guys I got the impression that this is a movie about nothing. Sure there were funny scenes in the brothel, the bar, and the hospital with the erection but they were a drop in the sea of pointless dialogs between Val and Doc about blank issues.

It got a lot better when our two heroes rescued Hirsch. The movie just became eventful and we got a little more than just pointless chit chat. The moment Hirsch died everything went back to boring normal again. The end was just like I expected it to be, no surprises there.

Stand up guys had nothing special that I will remember when i will wake up tomorrow. Al Pacino and Christopher Walken wanted to make a duet, so they did, was it a great duet? i don't think so. I have to state that Pacino, Walken look old, a lot older than I’m used to remember them. Pacino kept himself well but Walken looks like he won’t be doing this acting thing much longer.

Look I personally wasn’t impressed much by Stand up guys. It’s not a cool movie in my opinion but it wasn’t bad either. I guess it’s just not my taste.

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