R.I.P.D Review: Great Time Filler Movie

R.I.P.D is Great on Paper, Poor Result

I delayed watching R.I.P.D as long as i could but there was a time when you ran out of movies that you really wanted to see and there comes this time when you are left with time fillers like R.I.P.D.  R.I.P.D trailer was pretty cool, that is the main reason I got the movie in the first place. In the same time I saw the ridicules plot and everything else that came with it, at the time it looked somehow meaningless because I decided to check out R.I.P.D after all.

R.I.P.D Trailer

I like Ryan Reynolds I always thought he was underestimated and harshly criticized over his previous roles, in R.I.P.D Ryan did he’s regular shtick so it’s hard for me to defend his performance relying on R.I.P.D. the only person that I really enjoyed watching was Jeff Bridges as Roy. Jeff Bridges managed to turn this project around and make it somehow watchable ignoring the delusional story and putting all the focus on himself (and his Avatar). Roy's detached from reality life story ... or to be exact the funny to tears death story and whatever happened to his body after, managed to make me smile throughout the viewing experience.

Another positive issue in the movie was the exchanges between Ryan Reynolds and Jeff bridges. Again it’s mostly on Jeff Bridges because Ryan Reynolds was going on neutral in the entire movie, not one of Ryan’s best performances like I mentioned before. Before I’m forgetting Kevin Bacon was the villain and he did relatively alright, nothing to stand out - average.

It is hard to call R.I.P.D a cool movie. It's one of those films that you don’t watch it because you are interested to see what’s it about, R.I.P.D is a filler movie. If you are really bored and you have an hour and a half to kill, check out R.I.P.D. If you are busy with something important or you have something else to see, than take your R.I.P.D DVD hide it somewhere and wait for a time that you are really bored.

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