Why Are Marvel Comics Movies So Popular But Lack Quality

Marvel Super Hero Squad - Greatest and Worst Heroes

I’m not a hard core fan of the Marvel franchise. I will admit that I will watch all their superheroes movie just to say I did but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Marvel Comics. I am a fan of marvel heroes and most of marvel comics characters. The problem is: most of the times I just don’t enjoy their movies as much as I could. Majority of the Marvel movies are just not good enough. 

Marvel Comics The Untold Story - Bad Movies that Marvel Produced

  1. Take the hulk movies for example. The Hulk character was played by 3 different actors in 3 different movies, nothings needs to be added beyond that fact, but I will state the obvious: the final result was not pretty. 
  2. The first Thor was a complete catastrophe (2011) just like Daredevil in 2003 thanks to our new picked Batman Ben Affleck (Batfleck). I know its a DC Universe issue but there should be another section for the Superman Vs. Batman movie here, but because the movie wasn't made yet ill wont elaborate on the issue (The movie will most definitely suck - Ben Affleck as Batman brings me back to the disturbing nightmare with George Clooney as the caped crusader)
  3. The Fantastic Four were nothing to brag about unless drooling over Jessica Alba is considered as a goal in Disney’s / Marvel's book. 
  4. Captain America and the Avengers were somehow tolerable but not what they could have been. 
  5. I will be in a minority when i will say that Tobey Maguire's Spiderman trilogy 2002-2007 was a complete waste of time regardless the fact it made tons of money for the studio, i couldn't stand it. Its reboot The Amazing Spider-Man from 2012 was nothing worth mentioning either, it was average at best.

Stan Lee has somehow dumbed down those great Marvel Superheroes and everything that got to do with them; at times it seems he just holds them down. The only Marvel franchises that managed to succeed despite Stan Lee's, Marvel's and as of recently Disney's deadly grip on them are:

Marvel Characters that succeeded 

  1. The X-Men franchise including all its characters somehow managed to slip out of Stan Lee's hands and the rights to the entire franchise are currently owned by Fox. That is probably why the X-Men movies were not as bad as Marvel movies mostly because they addressed a bit maturer audience.
  2. New line cinema with the help of Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff managed to make Blade a Coult film. Unfortunately now Blade’s rights returned to Marvel (along with The Punisher and Ghost Rider rights) and I don’t expect nothing positive to happen to Blade in the near or the far future as long as Marvel owns its rights.
  3. The Iron man franchise managed to differentiate itself from the regular average minus marvel films because of Robert Downy Jr. greatness.

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  1. The films must be judged sole on the basis of their recreation from the comic books & the quality of acting. That's what they are, recreations. What else would they be.
    Ghost Rider was exactly what it was supposed to be. If you didn't like it, then that's fine, but it was an exact recreation (comic book to screen). The same with most of the others, except for the Avengers. Thor was what it was supposed to be, regardless of how it did in the theaters. If there was a mistake that's been made it's because these films aren't marketed right & the people who see them don't understand the films. It's not the other way around.
    The first Spiderman's were authentic, the last one was out of the original mode & was actually more successful.
    I was a comic book fan from way back, as I said. I know these things.
    Also, whether or not a movie is bad or good has nothing to do with whether they do well at the box office.

  2. Ghost Rider wasnt that great especially the 2nd film
    Fantastic Four with and without the Silver Surfer were average but crushed in theaters
    Thor was childish and very disappointing
    Eric Bana was a good Hulk but than they started playing ping pong with the leading Actors and that ruined it - at least for me
    Avengers was missing something, i don't know exactly was but it felt hollow
    i hated all the Spiderman versions

  3. A lot of people hate comic book inspired films. Including my family members. Some of these come out great, while others fall flat. I tend to like them as pure entertainment only & don't consider them real dramas.
    I liked the X-Men & Ghost Rider series, but was less complimentary with the Avengers (mostly because they include Renner).
    I liked the inclusion of the Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four, because they pretty much kept the Four & Surfer to their original identities in the comics. I have to say that all the Marvel films are each true to their comic book formats. That's how I've judged them, aside from including specific & talentless actors, who ruined the whole thing, e.g., Alba & Renner.
    I really enjoyed Thor & the Hulk films. They were also true to the graphic formats & their actors, who didn't need to be great actors, were adequate for the job.
    I've seen indications in my feeds that they're rebooting the Fantastic Four. Meaning, new actors & a different look, i.e., the Spiderman redux. Meaning, they've decided NOT to sick to the graphic novel (short/long comic books) format.
    This is all fine with me. I was a child in the 60's & 70's who enjoyed comic books & noticed the constant reinvention of that format back then; to better art & stories. It's only natural for Marvel to spiff up the superhero look. As is noticed in Captain America, who has lost his vivid colored super, suit in favor something more muted & modern.