Helix Series Premiere Review

Helix Pilot Review

SyFy’s new comer Helix series was kind of a mystery when we got to check it out. the first time we noticed the show was a few days ago seeing it mentioned on the Battlestar Galactica page advertising the first 15 minutes of the first episode. It wasn't really hard to figure out what exactly the show is about, the problem was figuring out how was it connected to Battlestar Galactica especially after one of the characters in Helix (Doreen Boyle) used one of the most common Battlestar Galactica’s catch phrases “Frak” after watching Helix pilot from start to finish, it's safe to say that Helix got nothing to do with Battlestar Galactica. 
The show itself is interesting enough but at times it felt heavy and stuck on the same spot without moving forward. 

The first impression we got from the opening scenes was wow there is Hiroyuki Sanada in this TV newcomer so it's definitely worth checking out. 
The breakout of the virus was initially interesting as well unfortunately the investigation itself lacked the excitement from the first few minutes and was dragging through the entire episode. The Helix cast was mostly assembled from unknowns but solid actors with a lot of fit women with pretty faces that tried to look smart and good in difficult situations. Helix looked great on screen but the major problem with the show was having too many unknown factors like:
  1. The virus origins
  2. What made Peter run experiments on himself?
  3. What’s the deal with the monkeys?
  4. What is Dr. Hiroshi Hatake’s end game?
  5. Who is Major Sergio Balleseros working for and why does he want to keep everyone quiet?
  6. What is the connection between Hatake and Balleseros?
  7. What exactly happened to Dr. Hiroshi Hatake and why is he stalking Dr. Julia Walker?
All those questions supposed to progress and lead the main story to a clear direction by answering some of the mysterious events as the show progresses but because there are so many questions that where all presented in the first episode without giving away none of the answers Helix feels a bit frustrating. The audience is in a constant state of blindness without any answers. At this point in the show the viewers are drowning in too many unknown facts and Helix doesn't give away much and keeps on presenting more and more of the unknown.

It’s clear that Helix had a strong opening in its first few minutes so was the end with the scene with Dr. Alan Farragut and Dr. Hiroshi Hatake. A few moments later Hatake himself stole the show with his cool eyes. The disturbing zombie scene between Julia and Peter left us with a nice cliffhanger that will make you return for the next episode. The problem that everything that connected the beginning and the end of this Helix Pilot was mediocre at best. This is only the first Episode and Helix hopefully will keep getting better that is why it needs time to see how everything develops to really see what direction the show takes.

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  1. It's the same producer/screenwriter as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek NexGen, Star Trek DS9 & Star Trek Voyager Producer Ronald G. Moore. He created Helix.