Continuum Season 2 Review: Same Old Time Travel Paradox

Artificial Cheesiness at its worst

I stumbled upon Syfy's continuum TV Show last year by mistake. I saw Continuum season 1 mostly to pass the time. This time with Continuum's season 2 my initial expectations didn't change. Syfy's Continuum is not great but it serves its purpose it gives me something entertaining to watch during my long rides to work. I'm a huge time paradox fan / freak so there was no way of me passing off the opportunity to check out Continuum Season 2.

No doubt that the genius level of Alec is a very long stretch but it worked for most Syfy viewers last season. This season they keep stretching it even more but I manage to ignore that and enjoy this show as much as possible. 

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This season Kiera (Rachel Nichols) reveals to Victor that she is a time traveler. The problem with it: it was made to look so unimportant that it surprised even me. This is a season finale material why would you waste this golden angle in such a poor fashion (They should have used that revelation in last season’s finale). If the scene was made well or at least reach half of its potential it could reach, I would let it slide but the entire thing was made to look so amateur that it just frustrated me.

Another thing that they just through under the bus was Gardner’s death. Sure I was surprised by his death the dude was wasted instantly without me getting a chance to blink the problem was that he got killed off for ... nothing. Mine main issue with it was: they killed off Gardner, forgot about him for a few episodes, after a while remembered, did nothing substantial with his death and forgot all over again. What exactly did you want to achieve here? The entire angle with the freelancers was too vague in my opinion; sometimes it even bothered the flow of the main plot because they made those drastic jumps between the freelancers, Theseus and Escher. I'm sure they are all connected but the viewers don't get to see the connection and get lost in the shuffle most of the time.

This season Carlos (Victor Webster) turned to be expendable, it seemed like he didn't get to do nothing important. Through the first half of the second season. The guy was used as if he was Kiera's shrink. Constantly giving Kiera advice on her one too many mental slip ups, even Betty (Jennifer Spence) was a lot more interesting than him this season. Now if we are talking about water-down characters what about Kellog he practically disappeared completely this season as if somebody was punishing Stephen Lobo for something.

During this second season of Continuum the entire thing with Emily and Alec felt like one big artificial pain. Their scenes didn’t feel real, they were forced and unnatural. All this was done to make Alec look like he is not a regular geek but a geek that can get a hot girl (even that was fake because Emily was hired by Escher to seduce Alec). The question was all this worth it? I was probably the happiest and only fan of the show that jumped of joy when Emily was shot and killed just to relieve me out of this Emily Alec cheesy nightmare.

Season’s 2 final (Episode 13) was one of the weakest finales I have seen in recent years. They tried to connect all the pieces and clues together but failed in making a decent connection, there were too many pieces and no time to do the connecting. The outcome of it all looked poor. It felt like they took the John Connor angle from the Terminator Franchise copied it completely put it out there, changed their mind midway through, made Escher the father with the weakest excuse possible (I can make a better picture in Photoshop, will it make me the father as well?). 
The Keira Vs. Travis fight was fun but one sided although the final outcome of the fight was predictable it felt wrong because one side was pounding nonstop and the other was trying to survive.

Whatever happened between Keira, Escher, Kellog, Freelancers and Alec was one big mess-up. When Alec brought back the cheesiness by doing the unthinkable, i was about to give up on the show (I thought he disposed of that baggage in the previous episode). Escher wins and traps Keira and Kellog … in the Freelancers private loony house.

Carlos quits his job and joins Liberate / Liber8 WTF?!?!? I would say this is a stretch. I think I will have to wait for Continuum season 3 (i know that Syfy renewed Continuum for season 3) to see how they fix this mess they created in the final episode of season 2. 

With all that said Continuum is an OK TV Show it got stale at times during this 2nd season and the finale was horrible but still it was better than most of the things that were running on TV at the time.

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  1. I agree with your assessment & did notice the "Carlos" character has been sidelined.

  2. they had to make room for Freelancers, Escher, Emily ... so Victor got the short end of the stick

  3. I didn't think the finale was horrible (Falling Skies cornered that market), but it was terribly confusing because there are far too many characters/stories/timelines/possibilities to keep track of. It's one thing to make viewers think; it's another to give them a headache.

    Thanks for picking up my reviews! Much appreciated. :-)

  4. When its terribly confusing than it looks terrible and is terrible.

    No problem

  5. Proof read your text.....

  6. Terrible review of an awesome season