Why Are There So Many BAD MOVIES This Days

Hollywood's Bad Movies - 3 Reasons

Recently I noticed a disturbing fact; there are no decent movies (mostly Action Movies) to watch, not like it used to be. From my experience, for some unexplained reason 4 out of 5 blockbusters this days are: bad, childish or treat its audience like a bunch of fools. I have been wondering about these horrible movies phenomena for some time and came to the following conclusions why movies are getting worse:

  • Money

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In my opinion everything starts and ends with money, or to be exact too much money. The studios have endless resources and they are not afraid to spend it all on a good idea (a good idea on paper at least). Majority of the budget is wasted on needless action sequences or over the top CGI scenes that make you think "was that really needed".
With all the money spent on special effects the story quality is mostly ignored and forgotten. Nobody wants to put any effort in creating great story, everybody wants results here and now. The producers think to themselves "if we wasted 100 million dollars on special effects, nothing else matters. The audience will be busy being impressed with the awesome CGI that they will forget about everything else". Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. The audience isn't stupid (at least most of us), you cant trick people to constantly consume bad product. At this rate the studios will have to make a 180 degree change in their movie production process.
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In the last few years the hunt for new and good scripts made the studious look for something that is different than usual. They didn't want (or were able) to create inovative original content so they turned to something that was already written down, had a relative success and at times even had a small following. Books and Comics became the sole salvation for the studious that were running on fumes looking for new and fresh ideas. 

In most films which were based on successive Books and Comics the directors / producers / studious tend to make their unnecessary changes to the core essence of the main story, something that ruins the entire movie in 90% of the cases. 

Midway through when they get to their thick skulls what terrible mistake they made with their massive changes in the plot (or the bad script they initially used and already implemented it) the directors try to hide this flaw by inserting into the movie endless lists of unfunny jokes that supposed to create a cover for the main problem - the horrible plot.

  • Choosing the Right Leading Actor

Another problem is choosing the right acting cast for the job, there are no lead actors who can be considered as real credible, fresh and most importantly young action stars (except a few: Gerard Butler) mostly the studios pick some lame excuses that can be hardly called men (Will Smith, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck as Batman). There is almost nothing that can be done regarding those ridicules choices for actors that are shoved down our throats by the big studious. Except maybe not watching the movie (that's what I do). 

There are times I’m not strong enough and I’m tempted by all the cool special effects to watch the movie featuring the spineless actor who strangely got the lead but when I do the final outcome is generally the same. The disappointment consumes me and I'm wondering why exactly did i watch that pile of crap? deep inside i knew that it is going to be absurdly bad.

  • PG Rating

This is an issue ignored by most people, nobody gives it much thought but as I learned due to my recent movie experiences it is one of the most important key elements for a great movie to reach its full potential. 
English: "PG" rating of Motion Pictu...
English: "PG" rating of Motion Picture Association of America film rating system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s admit it a real action movie needs to have a lot of blood and gore to give it some kind of a legitimacy, a connection to the real world. Only in fairy tales like the Marvels Avengers or G.I. Joe: Retaliation you can go on without even spilling one drop of blood. That is one of the reasons those movies are ridiculed for being stupid. They will never be considered as great action films no matter how much money they make, they will always be categorized as childish. 99% percent of children don’t have a clue regarding ... anything (they are just not mature enough). In other words what the big studios are doing in all those PG-13 movies that try to attract the older (18 +) audience is simply aiming for people's stupidity, insulting the mature audience, making the real fans look like complete fools for accepting the PG-13 garbage. While in perfect world those sort of movies supposed to be a lot more serious and brutal.

Take Dredd for example: The 2012 version was perfect because it was serious, brutal and had no restrains but if you compare it to Judge Dredd from 1995 which originally intended to be PG-13 but didn’t make the PG-13 cut and was rated R unwillingly. Judge Dredd tried more to be a damn comedy that ignored the Comics guidelines almost completely. Its creators were clueless what's the real Dredd is all about and therefore that movie was a total waste of time.

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