Gangster Squad Review: Ryan Gosling Exposed

Gangster Squad Lets the Cops Run Wild

I didn't intend to write the Gangster Squad review because I wasn't sure if I even wanted to see the Gangster Squad movie. For some reason all those 20s, 30s … 60s genre of movies don't sit well with me. I'm not really sure why I don’t like that time so much. Whether it’s the music, dancing and talking styles or the clothes I just hate the fact that everyone wears those ridicules hats. All of it gives me a strong connotation to oldness. And I don’t mean it as hating old people on the contrary most old folks are nice, I just hate the feeling of getting old and whatever comes with it in a package deal.

Josh Brolin attending the premiere of True Gri...
Josh Brolin attending the premiere of True Grit at the Berlin Film Festival 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway one night my plans had an unexpecting turn of events and I was stuck with nothing interesting to do or watch except ... You guessed it the Gangster Squad.
The main story tells the tale of Los Angeles scenery shortly after World War 2. Mickey Cohen is a local mobster that taking over the city piece by piece by buying cops, judges, politicians or any other available public official he can afford. The only thing that stands in his way is the police commissioner and a group of cops that decide to take the war to mobsters in the only way the mob can understand. Use the criminal tactics against the mobsters, force Mickey Cohen to lose money and when he will be completely broken take him out.

Gangster Squad Trailer

If we focus on Gangster Squad cast than: Josh Brolin was pretty good as the lead Sgt. John O'Mara, Emma Stone was somehow decent and tolerable as Grace Faraday and Sean Penn was OK as Mickey Cohen. The one that really disappointed me in the Gangster Squad was Ryan Gosling. 
Ryan Gosling at Fun Fun Fun Fest
Ryan Gosling at Fun Fun Fun Fest (Photo credit: starbright31)
For some reason most people (females in general) think that Ryan Gosling something special and consider Gosling as a good actor and I will have to admit that I got infected with that buzz after watching Drive but the bottom line is: Ryan Gosling is not a good actor because he can portray only one kind of characters (quite, mysterious, deadly or any other kind of pail zombie look alike). I got a feeling that Ryan Gosling was a walking talking corpse in the Gangster Squad, he had a terrible performance in the movie and i expected a lot more from Ryan.

Like you already figured I had no expectations from this Gangster Squad movie but after watching it I can’t say that I was disappointed, I even enjoyed the film. most of the important parts of the movie were good, The Gangster Squad retained a sufficient balance and flow of events and didn’t try to be too much over the top (except maybe few scenes). Overall the Gangster Squad was a surprisingly Cool Movie to watch and I will definitely recommend it

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