Falling Skies Season 3 Review: The Beginning of the End

Falling Skies and its too many Drastic Changes

I don't know if it’s only me but there were too many drastic changes since Falling Skies season 2 final episode aired and this season 3 opener. I actually had to watch Falling Skies last episode of season 2 just to be sure I have not missed anything.

English: Logo from the television program Fall...
English: Logo from the television program Falling Skies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tom (Noah Wyle) is the new president and he has an assistant Marina Peralta (Gloria Reuben) that we are introduced this season. The problem is that Gloria gets a very big part to play this season and Falling Skies audience is not really ready for her because she practically appeared from nowhere while the producers of the show wanted to portray her as if she was always there (while she wasn’t) and that is something that is hard to accept.
Live and Learn (Falling Skies)
Live and Learn (Falling Skies) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ben has a new curly haired sidekick that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared in the same speed of light after a few episodes.
Prisoner of War (Falling Skies)
Prisoner of War (Falling Skies) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hal is paralyzed in a wheel chair and to top that he is being controlled by Karen while there is a mole running around in Charleston screwing every plan of the resistance against the fish heads, I call them the fish heads because I’m always mixed up with the names of the aliens. Who are the good ones and who are the bad ones? Until this day I still have difficulties remembering whether the Volm are the good guys and the Espheni are the bad aliens.

Moon Bloodgood (Ann) was pregnant during the 3rd season shoot of Falling Skies, you just couldn’t miss that. Visually it seemed like it was a completely different actress playing Ann Glass. Moon got really big during her pregnancy and it was another big change this season that we had to endure. After we got used to Ann's new look she takes off and disappears on us for half a season. Like everyone else I understand why it was done but it did hurt the show because Moon Bloodgood's Ann character was a major part in Falling Skies success. Just to top that failure what they did with her in the end was so cheesy and predictable i guess the goal justify the means. lets just ignore the fact that logically it just wrong.

John Pope (Colin Cunningham) remains the most interesting character in the show. episode 5 of the current third season - Search and Recover gave us an opportunity to see Colin Cunningham have great exchanges with Noah Wyle and highlighted the major differences between the two characters, most importantly that episode solidified Pope as one of the most interesting, intriguing and unpredictable characters in Falling Skies.

John Pope is first introduced in the episode.
John Pope is first introduced in the episode. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the biggest problems i had with Falling Skies season 3 was the explanation, or the lack of a decent explanation how did the 2 mole crossed to the other side, they through some theories in the air but there was nothing conclusive. I don’t know whether they are waiting for Falling Skies season 4 to give us a decent answer or they just felt lazy and thought to themselves let’s just throw it out and see what happens. Either way it felt bad. Whatever happened to her in the final episode was bizarre and again unexplained.

Season 3 of Falling Skies was still fun and interesting in most parts but if you would observe closely you would see that they are running out of material to work with. Season's 3 Episode 8 - Strange Brew proved that to me. The moment an apocalyptic show does a virtual reality reboot to the era prior to the apocalypse you know that this is the turning point of the show and its run is about to end soon. At this point I know that Falling Skies was renewed for Season 4 but according to the recent events the end of Falling Skies is very close. With all that said Falling Skies remains as one of the coolest shows on TV this summer.

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  1. I haven't watched any of them except parts of a few. I'm thinking that I'll have to play catch up & watch them all.

  2. only if you have a lot of spare time.
    Falling Skies is no master piece but it is fun. considering the fact that there are no many shows that are worth watching this days, Falling Skies stands out as a great way to spend 40 minutes a week.