Rogue gets cut from X-Men Days of Future Past

Paquin’s Rogue Gets Cut From Days of Future Past

If you are a fan of Anna Paquin and the role she plays in the X-Men universe we got some really bad news for you. All the scenes with Rogue in them from X-Men the Days of Future Past were cut from the final cinematic version that will be released in 2014.
If you think about it it’s not a surprise. There are so many X-Men characters in the film and so many top actors that it was inevitable that some will not get enough screen time. With the news about Rogue it seems to be even worse, especially after we saw her appear in the trailer that was released only a few weeks ago. The only explanation in addition to the stacked character roster is the announcement of X-Men Apocalypse in 2016 and Brian Singer wanted to set up the ground in Days of Future Past for Apocalypse on the expense of Rogue, and that is unfortunate for Rogue.
It’s even more frustrating how everyone involved failed to utilize the Rogue character and make her as important as she was in the comics and the animated series. In the movies she felt like out of place and none of the directors/writers used her properly. She had zero impact on the X-Men universe and it’s a pity because she was such a bad ass in the animated series.
At least we will get to see her on the extended DVD version of the film.

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