Paul Walker Killed in Car Accident

Paul Walker Dead at Age 40

Paul Walker shirtless
Paul Walker
It's a sad day today for the film industry. Paul Walker was killed in a car accident. According to reports Walker was in a passenger seat driving with a friend to a charity event. When the driver lost control over the car and smashed the Porsche into a poll. Both were killed.

Walker was mostly known for the fast and furious films he appeared next to Vin Diesel in the last decade. Film number 7 is currently filming. With walkers passing a lot of question marks rise to what will happen next with the fast and the furious franchise. Paul left a 15 year old daughter who just recently moved with her mother to live closer to Paul.

It's such a crazy turn of events Paul losing his life in an environment he got most famous in, especially when he was doing most of his own stunts in the Fast and Furious movies.

R.I.P Paul

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  1. This is a horrible tragedy. I want to know who the friend was that was driving & why he was driving so recklessly.
    I read that there is evidence of burned rubber from the tires in a repeated figure eight near the crash. With emergency airbags, even crashing into a pole someone would have been only stunned & probably would have suffered for a short period in the intense flames. What a terrible ending for such a good actor.

  2. When i heard about the accident this morning i was completely stunned, Paul was such a fun actor to watch. He will be missed.