The Arrow Season 2 - MidSeason Finale Review

Arrow Mid Season Review

In my opinion this season of arrow managed to remove all the dumb stuff from its first season. Learn from Their mistakes and produce an almost perfect TV show. That’s how much I like what they did with this second season of Arrow.

The Flash Barry Allen
The Flash
Until this point the show didn’t get boring or extremely stupid. The lead actors kept on doing what we liked to see in season one and the additional cast of characters that were added in season 2 made Arrow an even more interesting. One of the most intriguing elements we loved so much in season 1 were the scenes from the mysterious island. In season 2 Arrow's creators hyped those scenes even more. The island scenes made Manu Bennett shine as Slade Wilson, Shado was an interesting character to follow and Sarah was the icing on the Arrow cake. The island scenes were a bit longer that in season 1 but they remained a small part of the episodes and still with so little time they managed to create an overwhelming impact on the show as a whole.

The characters that looked a bit disappointing this season are Laurel Lance who just doesn’t have nothing of an importance to do this season and  Isabel Rochev who is still an enigma and it’s not really clear what arrows writers want to do with her character. On the bright side we get to see a lot more of Felicity Smoak who is a lot of fun with her straight forward persona.

The last 2 episodes before the mid season finale introduced Barry Allen (aka The Flash). Initially the first time you get to hear something like that you would say to yourselves "Cool we are going to see The Flash and The Arrow sharing the spotlight" but then as you watch the episodes you figure out that this is just Barry Allen without the Flash (we wanted to see the Flash). It’s clear that CW used the last two episodes of the Arrow to build up a spin off show for the Flash and that’s OK. The problem is that we wanted to see The Flash and The Arrow join forces, seeing Barry Allen's Flash rebirth was fun but again that wasn’t something we expected to see.
The death of Shado came from nowhere and up till the last second I didn’t believe that they are going to go through with it. When it did happened it was a shocking surprise. Another thing that was interesting to see was Roy who apparently became a super soldier without him knowing it. up to this point in the show it was really unclear what was Roy's purpose in the show the events of Episode 9 open so many doors for his character and we will be watching closer to what Roy is going to do in the future.

The final scene with Brother Blood and the guy he is working for was something we were waiting for a long time. Just seeing the big bad Boss for this season of the Arrow was one of the intriguing scenes we saw so far. Not talking about the great potential it has for the future.

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