The Blacklist Mid Season Final Review

 James Spader One Man Show

Without any expectations the blacklist turned to be the surprisingly most successful new comer to the small screen. The show was not extraordinary, it could not be called a must see show but it was interesting and made you tune in every week. The last two episodes before the mid season break were a lot different than what we saw during the season. The last two episodes were a lot flashier, crazy and didn't seem to be realistic. They needed to do something extraordinary for mid seasons finale so it's hard to blame them regarding pulling all the stops.

The one and only star of the blacklist is Raymond 'Red' Reddington aka James Spader. Spader managed to bring his qualities from the big screen to the blacklist. Solidifying himself as one of the biggest attractions TV viewers got to tune every week. The rest of the characters seemed to be interesting but failed to grow and therefore didn't have any significant impact on the show (agent Keen for example). Donald Ressler was a typical tough uncompromising robot that sustained his characteristics through the entire season without changing. Only in  episode 10 we got to see a glimpse of his characters growth. Harold Cooper didn’t do much except looking important and being a constant ridicule subject by Red.  Agent Meera Malik was completely useless; I just didn't understand why they had to hire such a great actress Parminder Nagra to do practically nothing with her character. Tom Keen was the only character that seemed to be mysterious and intriguing. Even that was not because Ryan Eggold did a good job; Tom looked to be interesting only because Red implied that Mr. Keen is not what he lets everyone see.

Megan Boone seemed to be trying too hard to impress the audience.  Unfortunately when you try too hard it is noticed. When stuff like that gets noticed, actor’s performance is not as fluent and the entire show suffers from it. In the 2nd part of the season Megan should try to relax and enjoy herself, not only she will feel better but the audience at home will enjoy her character agent Elizabeth Keen a lot more.

The surprising answer to the question that hunted us all season Red saying he is not Elizabeth Keen's father makes you keep on wondering what is Red’s connection to Agent Keen and what the hell is going on underneath it all.

At this point we already know that The Blacklist was renewed for season 2 by NBC but we still need to see how the 1st season will end. It will be interesting to see if the Blacklist will manage to sustain everything it managed to achieve in its first half of season 1, and what will be the anchor that the 2nd part of the seasons plot develops around. One thing will be certain James Spader is going to shine, the question is will the rest of the characters manage to step up out of their mediocrity and make the show even better

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  1. I may not like Spader but he is certainly dynamic & effective. So, he'll outshine the other actors & steal the show every time.

  2. Thats exactly what he did in the Blacklist.

  3. Ok, I'm going to take your advice on this & watch it now. I've not seen one single episode. So, going to start the pilot & a few others this evening. Evidently, it's very popular here in the US.

  4. After watching 18 episodes its OK nothing more.