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Looking at Elysium and it seemed like a movie that had great potential. The post apocalyptic world always looks interesting. What's nice about this version of the end of the world is that it is closer to reality if you take away the Elysium and leave the ruined polluted earth.

The movie had a good exposition introducing the main character and the entire system that runs the world. Unfortunately that was one of the only positive elements in the film (the other was Krueger and maybe Delacourt) and the negative stuff started surfacing.

Max's journey towards his main goal looked as if it was dragged too much through the film and was not as exciting as it should. The relationship between Max and Frey looked very exhausting and pointless at times; Frey’s daughter and her disease seemed to be unimportant. Especially when in the beginning of the movie the same scenario played out with a child that couldn't walk. The question you ask yourself is couldn't they be creative and not recycle the same idea because the 2nd healing angle made the audience feel dumb. Why did we need to see the same scene twice in the same movie?

Krueger (Sharlto Copley) was probably the most entertaining character in the film. That said tells you a lot about Elysium. From the heavy South African accent, to his explosive personality how can't you like the guy? Every second sentence that got out of Krueger’s mouth cracked me up, when the icing on the cake was the grenade that blew half his face off. Now when I touched the grenade scene that supposedly killed Krueger but apparently the technology in Elysium is so advanced that it can fix even headless man (actually it was faceless but its small details) and bring you back to life. Why weren't they eager as much to heal John Carlyle (William Fichtner) who got shot or Delacourt (Jodie Foster) who suffered practically a flash wound compared to Krueger. it seemed like Delacourt went out in the most boring way possible, you would expect that the main villain (or the 2nd villain) of the film will get an exciting death scene than just lying on the floor and bleeding out like a worthless pig. 

Jodie Foster looked great as Delacourt, from her patronizing personality and a clear political direction that some will consider as radical Delacourt looked as one tough lady and seeing her die like she did was very disappointing.
I don't know about you but I expected a lot more action sequences and Elysium didn't have enough of it. The CGI looked great and the few action scenes looked decent but the final battle between Max and Krueger was short and finished in a heartbeat. I personally expected a lot more from the final fight scene.

The movie was fun at times but it dragged through majority of the time and missed on most aspects. The ending was more of a Bollywood finale than anything else. I don’t know if the writers really thought about the bulshit ideal they presented us in the end or Matt Damon had contract clause saying he is the only one that will come up with the ending for Elysium. From what we saw this kind of garbage fits Matt Damon like a glove. Sure let’s make everyone a citizen, lets cure everyone for free, let’s move all the retards, gangsters, criminals … freaking everyone to Elysium why not. It’s not like there is not enough space for everyone. There are plenty of resources we can use to help all the people that ruined earth in the first place. That will work wonderfully.

If the film was OK until the end, after the end scene it became just ridiculously bad. This social ideal that Damon and the films creators tried to promote ruined the film at least for me. If they focused less on the politics, the film would turn to be a lot more entertaining and a lot less frustrating than it actually was.

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  1. I do like Copley & Foster, but the film's agenda made me vomit.

  2. I know exactly how you felt, i had the same feeling in the end.