Top 6 Vin Diesel Movies We all Loved

Movies that Make us Love Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He is most known for starring in The Fast and the Furious series and The Chronicles of Riddick trilogy. His acting career has been going on since 1990. Throughout the years, Diesel managed to win a total of $100,000,000. Here we will talk about some of his best roles so far. Take a look.

1. Saving Private Ryan

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film is about World War II. Even though Diesel's character gets killed first. The movie was most recognized for the realistic and graphic portrayal of World War II.
Spielberg was inspired by Diesel’s film debut – Strays, which the actor wrote and produced himself in 1995. Diesel wasn’t only director of the film, he also starred in it. This impressed Steven Spielberg when creating the role of Adrian Caparzo – the first man who gets killed in Saving Private Ryan and Diesel’s role in the film.

2. Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6

Fast & Furious movie poster
Fast & Furious (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fast Five is the fifth installment of the series The Fast and the Furious. Rarely does it happen that a fifth installment of a series gets such higher critical marks and this movie did. It was released in 2011 and had huge success. Diesel played the role of Dominic Toretto. He and company plan to steal $100,000,000 from a businessman while in the meantime they are pursued by an agent from DSS (Diplomatic Security Service).
Fast and Furious 6 had even bigger success than the fifth installment of the series. It was released during summer this year and won about $800,000,000 as well as critical approval.

3. Boiler Room

Ben Yonger’s 2000 film Boiler Room is an American drama thriller. It was based on various interviews that the writer conducted with brokers. Diesel plays the supporting role of Chris Varick. In the movie also star Ben Affleck, Giovanni Ribisi, Nia Long and other actors.

The movie wasn’t that successful and as a matter of fact critics split on the question of its worthiness, but Diesel delivered wonderfully his supporting role. What’s more, Boiler Room got a few reviews from famous writers like A. O. Scott who works for the New York Times.

4. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is an American animated film from 1999. It was based on Ted Hughes novel bearing the same name. Vin Diesel was the voice of the main character – the giant. The movie tells the story of a lonely boy who finds an iron giant fallen from space. The setting takes place in 1957 during the Cold War. The boy tries to help the giant from being destroyed by a federal agent and the U.S. Military.

5. Find Me Guilty

This movie was released in 2006 and was directed and co-written by Sidney Lumet. Find Me Guilty is a comedy crime film that was based in the story of the Mafia trial that was the longest in American history. Diesel plays the role of mobster Giacomo DiNorscio. He decides to be his own lawyer as he is brought to trial.

6. xXx

This movie (pronounced as “triple x”). It is an action film. Vin Diesel plays the role of Xander Cage, a National Security Agency spy who has to infiltrate several dangerous terrorists in Europe.
The film was successful, although critics were in two minds about it. Anyway, financially it got $277,448,382. In 2005, the xXx had a sequel called xXx: State of the Union.

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