Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters Review: Unnecessary Sequel

Percy Jackson 2: Time Well Wasted

Percy Jackson Clarisse Sea Of Monsters movie
Clarisse Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
The main plot continues somewhere where the previous movie ended but even if you didn't see the previous film you will not miss much because the main character Percy Jackson the semi god is still depressed because his father Poseidon doesn't give him the attention a teenage kid needs.
You won’t see any familiar faces in Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters like you did in the first film (Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Rosario Dawson ...). Other than that Percy Jackson and the rest of the semi gods hang in their protected camp which is more of summer break vacation than anything else, pretty much wasting time.

When a metal bull breaks into the camp destroying the shield, stuff get complicated for the semi gods who are exposed to all the dangers in the world. In order to fix the problem the semi gods are sent on a quest for the Golden Fleece in the Bermuda triangle protected by a viscous Cyclops. Percy and his bunch are not the only ones that are in the chase for the Golden Fleece.

Percy Jackson Annabeth Sea Of Monsters movie
Annabeth Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
The most painful moment was Midway through the film looking at the watch and grasping that there are 40 minutes more of this thing when initially you thought that you are really close to the end with only 5-10 minutes left till the end. 

Just like the previous film Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters was childish and couldn't make the audience care for the fates of the heroes, villains or anything between them. even the scenes that were trying to create a mystery and some sort of a shock factor (Percy's brother) failed miserably because the main characters were not appealing enough, they were just there trying real hard to become heroes that nobody cheered for. 
The surprising appearance of Luke was not very exciting because Luke and the other semi gods villains were not interesting. Nobody cared much for them, their fates or their final goal that was completely irrational from Luke's point of view especially if you pay attention to the history of Cronus regarding his own children.

Percy Jackson Grover Sea Of Monsters movie
Grover Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
One of the things that made me scratch my head was that all the semi gods in the summer break protected camp were of the same age. What exactly happens to the Semi gods that grow up beyond 20? Or they just don’t.

Watching this Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters sequel made you think, really long and really hard. Why was that sequel created in the first place? As far as we know the first Percy Jackson film failed miserably on all fronts (at least from what was expected from it to achieve). So making Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters was a failure seen a mile away. And still Fox went through with making the film while everyone in their right mind were against it. 
Percy Jackson Tyson Sea Of Monsters movie
Tyson Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters
The budget of Sea of monsters was similar to the Lightning Thief but you could notice immediately that the big names that showed up for the Lightning Thief were absent in Sea of Monsters. The special effects were sloppy (Cronus looked pathetic) and everything in general was going on a first gear. With no concrete direction or goal the movie was striving on a fast track towards nowhere.
Percy Jackson Sea of monsters is not a cool movie I wouldn't recommend to anyone who is older than 9 year old child.

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photo credit: bangdoll@flickr via photopin cc
photo credit: bangdoll@flickr via photopin cc
photo credit: bangdoll@flickr via photopin cc

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