(Video) Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer - Electro Looks Bad

Jaime Foxx's Electro Looks Horrible

A new Amazing Spider Man 2 trailer was just released and you are welcome to check out how Peter Parker handles himself against an overpopulated roster of villains.  
I was never a fan of the Spider-Man films, not the previous trilogy and not the latest film. I don't have my hopes high for this film but I can definitely enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer for now before the movie comes out and ruins everything once again.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer - Electro

Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer featuring Electro aka Jaime Foxx who looks terrible

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  1. Foxx is just terrible in anything, but if they put a lot of makeup on him & there's other things to see.

  2. Yep Foxx is bad, the problem with him that he cant make me care for the characters he plays.