Runner Runner Review

Runner Runner

Prior to watching Runner Runner I had a long struggle with myself, to watch or not to watch. Finally after a long boring evening the hammer has fallen and I decided to check Runner Runner out. The main cast of the film included Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton. Although I’m ambivalent towards Gemma Arterton the other two stars on the film are a completely different story. Like you figured out already I'm not a fan of Affleck’s work. Not even the projects that other people praise and hand out Oscars for. In my opinion Affleck’s latest successes The Town was mediocre and Argo was good. Those films were not masterpieces that you would recommend to a friend like "You need to see this film, it's Awesome!!!". Runner Runner’s second face is Justine Timberlake. The guy is a boy band singer and an average minus actor - enough said.

The only thing that drawn me towards watching Runner Runner was the flashy package the film was wrapped in. With its vivid colors and a paradise atmosphere it looked like a dream and it seemed that it was worth checking out just for that. Add the new age gambling world and you got something that looks good and seems to have a unique edge to it. Unfortunately that was only the cover and when you dig deeper into it, you figure out that it’s not as flashy as it seemed to be in the trailer. The main story is not bad but it’s not good either. The story is not something that you can get excited for. All of the main characters where predictable and there were no surprises. Each character did what we expected her to do and at this point you may feel you are really smart figuring out everything that was about to happen but on the other hand it makes the movie look cheap and dumb not making the viewer think.

If we look at the performances of the 3 main stars:
Timberlake was tolerable most of the film but towards the end his character started becoming too smart for his own sake. The final scene between Timberlake and Affleck just felt really annoying. 

Affleck did what he regularly does. He didn’t play Ivan Block, he played the only character he can play and that’s the Ben Affleck character. Long ago I stopped getting frustrated with Ben Affleck at this point it’s just another film with Ben Affleck and I don’t really care anymore that he was bad at it, after all its Ben Affleck.

Gemma Arterton had a very strange performance in Runner Runner. She looked very artificial in her look and in her acting in the film. Gemma looked like a Barby Doll that went through a dozen of plastic surgeries. She seemed to be trying very hard to do well in the film, unfortunately it was noticed and looked forced on the screen. Her character was completely useless for the main plot. Initially she was made to look like she was the reason for Ivan Block turning on Richie Furst. Her 2nd job in the film was playing Richie's love interest. Other than that she had no purpose in the film. Towards the end of the movie we understand that Gemma's character (Rebecca Shafran) was not the reason that drove Block to screw up Richie, what diminished her character even more.

The bottom line is that Runner Runner is recommended for people that really like Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake if you are not a fan of those 2 (like me) don’t waste your time on Runner Runner, it’s definitely not a cool movie.

Directed by: Brad Furman
Ben Affleck
Justin Timberlake
Gemma Arterton

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