Zombie Hunter Review: Defines an All New Level of Bad

Zombie Hunter - From Bad to Funny

Every once in a while there is an unexplained masochistic need to watch one of those awful B movies, just for the fun of it. The cool title initially gets you interested, who can say no to the Zombie genre low budget production flick after all. In addition to the catchy title you see a familiar face like Danny Trejo, and at the time it seemed like a good idea to check Zombie Hunter after all.

This Zombie slasher starts with a horrible introduction to the world that degenerated itself to a new plague that wiped out the majority of its population. The next thing we see is a cheap road warrior imitation that resemblance slightly to Mel Gibson's role in the 80's but that impression lasted only a few moments. Actually it takes only a few seconds to understand that Zombie Hunter is no road warrior. From there on it was a cliché rollercoaster filled with endless stereotypical remarks when the only thing that connected them all were the senseless bloody scenes of violence. Zombie Hunter earned the credit of slashing zombies in various and somehow creative although mostly exaggerated ways.

In addition we had a lead character that acted too nonchalant for his own good. The guy tried to look like he is tough as nails but it was hard to buy this exaggerated act when the he looks like he belongs in with the backstreet boys. The rest of the stereotypical characters made an even worse job from the tasteless stripper to the retarded brother all had bad to atrociously horrible acting performances. I didn’t really get what was Danny Trejo doing here but he was fun like always.

The visual CGI huge monsters looked surprisingly good actually they looked awesome for this film ... that is the only positive thing I have to say about Zombie Hunter. On the other hand since when blood's color is purple? Well in Zombie Hunter everything periodically shifted to be purple.

This movie was so bad that at some point it stopped being bad and it became funny. The stupid scenarios (the sex scene, the dancing on the pole scene …) with the blank dialogs performed by horrible actors and the senseless purple blood scenes became a mix of pure stupidity. I was smiling the entire movie thinking to myself how bad will it become in the next scene? Or wondering how exactly did those scenes made the final cut? Was I the only one who saw how bad all that looked?

Speaking about bad scenes how can I neglect Hunters final scene when he releases the grenade to kill off the monster in a suicide mission. You think to yourself OK I can accept that but than a few moments later you see the Hunter sitting alive surviving a live grenade that exploded right next to him killing all the monsters and Zombies alike … WTF ?!?! To top that the guy cuts his own thought just to prove it’s hard to kill him and the only one who can do it is Hunter himself, and now you think to yourself OK now I saw everything I needed to see. The stupidity in Zombie Hunter reached its limit and now it stopped being funny and went back being bad again .

Zombie Hunter is definitely not a cool movie, there aren't many movies that can make the transition from being horribly bad to stupidly funny, Zombie Hunter was one of those movies. If you are looking for a Zombie genre quality film, Zombie Hunter can’t even scratch that list’s surface but if you want to see a film which is beyond bad and have some laughs with friends on the expense of everyone who was involved in Zombie Hunter. Than Zombie Hunter is most definitely the movie for you.

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