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No One Live - Cool New Ways to get Killed

No One Lives 2012 has one of the most misguiding opener scenes that ever seen on the TV screen. On one hand we see a young couple that is harassed by one of the members of a gang of thieves / killers or like our hero calls them a group of mediocre criminals. And you start to pity the poor couple for being harassed for no reason but wait; things are not as they seemed to be. The first clue came up when the couple lie in a hotel bed and Drivers young girlfriend felt jealous of someone else, actually that entire conversation was strange.
Luke Evans no one lives
Luke Evans

Right after the couple was kidnapped by Flynn and the rest of the gang. Things start to get interesting but when the girl (I think her name was Betty) cuts her own throat with a help of Ethan (like he couldn’t remove the knife? that scene was completely illogical) you get confused and you understand that you don’t have a clue what’s going on under the surface.

Further the line we discover that the mediocre gang of criminals chose the wrong dude to harass, the guy is a psychotic mass murdered that for some reason kept Emma (one of his latest victims) in the truck of his car; actually Emma was the only survivor from a massacre that happened 6 month ago. For some reason Driver fell in love with Emma and tried to transform her into him, without any success.

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In the rest of the movie we witnessed a slow, well planned and a very cool to watch massacre of everyone involved in the entire movie. At times it was disgustedly interesting thing to watch but the bottom line was that No One Lives film had something missing in it. I don’t know what exactly it was but there were too many unexplained things about Driver like:
  1. What was Drivers origin story? And why did he kill all those college kids?
  2. Why did he let Emma live? And what exactly was he trying to make of her?
  3. How did he meet Betty? And what was Betty's story?
All those unanswered questions made the No One Lives movie feel flawed. The movie looked like a simple minded excuse for violence, showing all kinds of different sick and disgusting methods for killing people without any clear purpose. With all that said No One Lives can still be called a cool movie mostly because it’s always a pleasure seeing Luke Evans and he had a convincing performance in No One Lives. Unfortunately Luke Evans alone couldn’t make all the problems disappear. The creative death sequences that got most of the participants dead was another positive factor that worked for the film. If you are a horror addict I’m sure you will find some cool stuff to like and if you are not I bet you will love seeing Luke Evans do his thing.

No One Lives (Blu-ray + DVD)

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