Arrow Season 2 Premiere Review: City of Heroes

Arrow Season 2 Premiere - Back to Action

After a long summer break Arrow season 2 is back on CW. Tommy’s death in the finale of the 1st season made Oliver Quinn rethink the path he chose to take. The 2nd season starts with Diggle and Felicity finding Oliver in the same island he was stuck for 5 years.
Both sidekicks manage to convince Oliver return back to starling city, in order to save his company from a hostile takeover by Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau).
The self riches act of the main characters keeps on being irritating and old.  

Stephen Amell
  1. Thea - blaming her mother for the death of bunch of people she never knew.
  2. Roy - trying to be a very poor copy of the Green Arrow - getting beat up by drug dealers every night.
  3. Moira - giving up on fighting and seems like wanting to spend her life in prison.
  4. Oliver - feeling bad for letting down Tommy.
People died; there is poverty, misery and no justice. So what, get over it and stop being so melodramatic about it. Oliver has the best excuse for feeling depressed all the time but he manages to get over it. The rest don’t have that privilege and their actions and feelings seem to be fake and over scripted.
From the first episode in this season Laurel took upon herself the role of an eye candy. showing up on the gala night pretty than ever where the Meir was "offed" by the fake vigilantes was expectable but showing all dressed up for a party in a cemetery. That was a slight overkill.

The action scenes were solid like in the first season. The vigilantes played their part well and managed to create an interesting adversary for the Arrow. Although the lack of security in the places where the fake vigilantes hit makes you wonder, what exactly the cops / security do in starling city.
The abduction of Thea was a great trigger for the Green Arrows rebirth and served its purpose well. Unfortunately not everything was perfect. The melodrama was not spared from us, with the feelings of self pity and guilt over the body count of the criminals who deserved their faith. This new Arrow seems to be not as dark as he used to be with his no killing policy, and that is unfortunate.

Overall Arrow season 2 opener was pretty good: good action, decent and simple story, Summer Glau, and the hint for the name change in the end made this Arrow season 2 premiere a very good opener for what looks to be a great season. On the other hand let’s hope that they will keep the cheesy soap opera elements to the minimum in the future.

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