Fast & Furious 6 Review: Higher the Gear, Greater the Rush

Fast & Furious 6 - lacked Logic but Compensated with Fun

The Fast and Furious series of movies are unique in my eyes. The first movie was ground breaking and introduced a completely new look to the car racing movie genre. The second movie was a slight of a letdown. While the third was some sort of a fresh slate. After the third movie it seemed like the Fast and the Furious Franchise lost it and was about to be forgotten but then when everything seemed lost the forth movie reassembled all the original cast from the first movie and managed to turn things around and revive the franchise. The fifth movie assembled most of the important characters from all the past movies taken together; mold them all in one film in a way that really worked, and then came Fast & Furious 6.
Luke Evans as shaw in fast & furious 6
Luke Evans as Shaw in Fast & Furious 6

Be aware this Fast & Furious 6 review Contains Spoilers

Fast & Furious 6 exposition was remarkably done the glance to each characters personnel life was fun, the assemble of the team was very well done, so was the first confrontation between Dom’s team with Shaw’s team, the flip car that through cars in the air was breath taking visual experience.

The first half of the movie was very high passed and very fun but as the movie reached the middle the passé got a lot slower and the movie started to drag at times.

The physical Confrontations Between the Main Players were Very Cool:

  1. Letty Vs. Riley - Both fight scenes between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano were brutally awesome. Carano brought her MMA background and made the fight scenes as realistic as possible, Rodriguez with a help of a fight coordinator managed to showcase great performance in both fights, make them believable and a lot of fun. Carano was made to look as the superior girl (and that was the right move) while Rodriguez appeared like having a lot of hart. The switch in the character perception towards the end between Letty and Riley in both their fights was another positive thing that was emphasized and looked great.
  2. The last fight between: Toretto and Brian Vs. Shaw and Klaus and later on between Toretto and Hobbs Vs. Shaw and Klaus was very cool, the exchanges between two pairs of guys were great. What I liked the most is the appearance of Hobbs replacing O'Conner (when O'Conner went to save Mia) and the standing face off between Toretto and Hobbs Vs. Shaw and Klaus was priceless.
  3. The chase and later on the fight between Han and Roman Vs. Jah was pretty cool as well. Putting a side Jah's (Joe Taslim) great talent of turning cops into a punching bags. This fight was emphasized more on the comedian side (Just like Roman's character in the film - that’s a complement he was pretty funny) and it achieved its goal it was great for what it was.

The tank scene was very entertaining although not realistic at times. The same can be said about the final chase scene after the plane but if you are open minded and wanted to enjoy this film; those minor issues wouldn’t hurt your Fast & Furious 6 movie experience.
Fast and Furious 6 film poster featuring Vin Deisel,Paul Walker,The Rock,Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez
Furious 6 Movie Poster

The only thing that felt somehow shoved aside was the small blink Vegh gave Brian right after she threw him in the air. I thought their interaction could have been developed a lot more. Maybe we will see that in Fast &Furious 7

The last thing I didn’t mansion in this Fast and Furious 6 review was probably the most important thing about the film. That is the post credits scene, Han’s Arc closure was one of the greatest closures seen in the last few years. It was very well constructed and made a great teaser for the next sequel (Fast and Furious 7). For more on the Fast and Furious 6 post credits scene check this post Fast & Furious 6 Last Scene

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